For any potential holiday maker, choosing the ideal vacation package is a big deal. You spend a year working and saving up for this week of enjoyment and it needs to be worth it!

This is no different for safari holidays and the huge amount of information and choice around may leave you feeling confused and not knowing which National Park to visit or which lodges to stay in. So to give you a good idea of what you can do in a prime safari location such as Kenya over a week long period, I have put together an exciting sample itinerary.

Day 1

After your flight arriving in to Nairobi, it is good to find a nice, luxurious hotel such as the Sarova Stanley to shake off any jet lag you may have with some good quality sleep. If you arrive in the daytime, you will have the option to go sightseeing and shopping around the city which can be a rewarding start to your holiday.

Day 2

Time for the safari action to begin! Setting off early from Nairobi should allow you enough time to arrive at the Masai Mara National Reserve for lunch time. After lunch at your chosen hotel within the reserve, you will be able to go on an afternoon game drive with opportunities to see the ‘big five’ (black rhino, cape buffalo, elephant, leopard and masai lion) amongst other great wildlife.

Day 3

It is worth the while to wake up handy for an early morning game drive through the Mara. This is the best time to see some animals arising to begin their days. Depending on the stage of the ‘great migration’ (which sees over a million wildebeest making their way from Tanzania to Kenya and back) you may wish to watch the migrating from the comfort of your lodge or hotel. Some hotels are specifically placed for best views of the migration at various stages, so it is worth looking into the migration timing before booking your safari.

Day 4

Another day, another safari! This time through Lake Nakuru National Park. The viewing of the lake alone makes a spectacular sight, as you will see over one million flamingo gathered inside the water which has been referred to as the ‘sea of pink’.

Day 5

This day is spent traveling towards Amboseli National Park. You will arrive at your hotel for dinner and have the option of an early night to be fresh for the next day game drive.

Day 6

This whole day can be spent touring Amboseli to see which wildlife you can spot. Elephants are not scarce in their amazing place and there is also a huge host of predators to be spotted such as lions and hyenas.

Day 7

For the final day there will be the choice of an early morning game drive around the park before setting off for the airport. This is highly recommend as there are great views of Kilimanjaro with no cloud cover in the earlier morning hours.