Amboseli Safaris are very widespread in Kenya and they lead to the Amboseli National Park. This is one of the best wildlife shelters in Kenya and is situated in the Loitoktok District in the largest province (Rift Valley). Its ecosystem spreads even toward the border of Kenya and Tanzania and it is the best spot to watch Mt. Kilimanjaro from the Kenyan side. What is more, Amboseli is famous for its wildlife especially big groups of elephants.

In fact, if your main aim to visit the country is to view the African elephant, Amboseli is just the right place to be. The ecosystem is shared by plants, animals and the Maasai community. Perhaps you admire the culture of the Maasai people and would love to learn more about it. In this park and its surroundings you can meet these lovely tribesmen who have held onto their cultural roots for the longest time. The access to the reserve depends on where you expect to start your safari.

If you expect to enter Kenya through Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, you can follow Nairobi/Namanga route based on the Nairobi Arusha road. It is two hundred and forty kilometers away and enters the park through the Meshanani Gate. The other route is still from Nairobi through Emali about two hundred and twenty eight kilometers on the Nairobi/Mombasa highway. If you expect to enter Kenya via Mombasa city, the easiest way to get to Amboseli National Park is via Tsavo West National Park and Olkelunyiet Gate.

Some tour operators in Kenya organize tsavo safaris by air and the planes land at Empusel Gate airstrip. There are other airstrips at a far distance mainly in Namanga town and at Kilimanjaro Buffalo Lodge. Covering only three hundred and ninety-point-two-six square kilometers, Amboseli is not a very large reserve. This does not mean that there are not things to do and see. First you need to carry your Safari card to be allowed to enter at any gate. If you are a native Kenyan, bring a valid National Identity Card or a passport.

If you are foreigner, bring a valid passport and a re-entry pass. All the big five animals can be found here including the elephant, Lion, buffalo, rhino, giraffe, zebra, leopard and cheetahs. Other smaller animals include Wild dogs, Mongoose, dik dik, hyrax, lesser kudu, and porcupine among others. The water animals here are crocodiles and hippopotamus. Birds are very many possibly more than the quantities found in other Kenyan parks. There are about six hundred species of birds, to be specific.

The major landmarks include Mt.Kilimanjaro Viewing and exploration of the Maasai community lifestyle. There are two main seasons for rainfall in this region. The long rains come between March and April and the longer rains come between November and December. If you do not want to visit during any rainy season you can avoid it now. The best way to plan your amboseli safaris is by choosing a reliable travel agent that can take care of your needs while in the country.