Imagine the endless landscapes that Kenya exhibit, the snowy-capped mountains, the pristine sandy beaches at the Kenyan coast, the crystal clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean coupled with the geographical and cultural diversity. Imagine spending a honeymoon in the wildlife in Mara, where you might appear to share a home with the lions, the elevated giraffe, the stripped zebra and giant elephants. This is not a dream, or is it? Yes, it is a dream that will surely come to pass on your trip to Kenya, the motherland of wildlife in the world.

Many eager tourists flock Kenya to witness its magnificent wildlife and its stunning sceneries that they might have only seen on TV or heard from relatives and friends who have already experienced heaven on earth. If you have ever been to the Mara on a Kenyan safari, then you must have been marveled at the resemblance to the Garden of Eden where man and animal co-exist. The only difference however is that the Mara situation is more of a “forced marriage” as the animal-human conflict has sometimes either left the Maasai warriors dead or a dead lion or any other that comes close to their livestock.

A trip to Kenya will be considered incomplete if you don’t view the “Big Five” that include the King of the jungle-the lion, the gigantic elephant, the furious rhino, the threatening buffalo and the smart leopard. The lion remains most people’s favorite as it is in charge of the bush whose presence is felt miles away. You know you are king when all the other animals scamper to safety whenever you are sensed lest they end up between your jaws supplementing the next meal but as a hunter.

The peaceful elephant has no enemies, just the same way people naturally fear well-built individuals; even the lion himself knows that elephant’s hoof can crush him to pieces. It is however endowed with tusks that poachers find precious. The endangered white and black rhinos with the white ones always in large herds are also in Kenyan national parks like the Maasai Mara. The black rhino leads a solitude life because he is a bully, very volatile and dangerous. The bad tempered buffalos live in large herds and are also interesting to watch on your African safari. Finally, the silent hunter-the leopard is not only beautiful but very elusive. Nick-named the “silent hunter,” always lies in waiting for the next animal to surprise.

Other than the big five, there are many other animals that you can watch on an African safari in Kenya like Grevy’s zebra that is unlike the common zebra, larger of the two species and often found in less populated and quiet areas of Samburu National Park where you will also find the reticulated giraffe. The other two species, the Rothschild’s and Maasai giraffe, are in the Maasai Mara, Amboseli and Lake Nakuru National Park. The fastest animal, the cheetah, as well as gazelles, wild dogs, mongoose, jackal, hyena, the common baboon plus many bird species can be found in Kenya as well.