A private safari can be a fulfilling experience for guests seeking uniqueness and a close relationship with wilds. Unlike the conventional safari to the world famed game reserves like the Masai Mara, Amboseli, Serengeti etc, a private safari takes you to some of the worlds leading private wildlife conservancies situated in the most secluded regions where you get to discern the ultimate wilderness.

At the forefront of wildlife conservation is Kenya which has in the last decade or so emerged as a safari destination of preference for those in quest of a personal safari experience. Unlike its neighbor Tanzania and other Southern African destinations, Kenya has permitted private ranches to take on wildlife conservation and this has resulted in a good number of ranches set aside enormous tracts of land to protect the balance between human activity and nature. These efforts can be seen mostly in the northern Kenya frontier district of Laikipia and in parts of Masai Mara.

The net consequence of this eco balance is the improved concentration and flourishing of wildlife in these areas as a direct result of reduced human wildlife conflicts. Consequently, the local communities have hugely benefited from sharing of revenues accruing from increased tourism in the areas.

This trend frequently referred to as eco-tourism has been largely embraced by local communities living side by side wildlife. Along with the advantages of conservation to the local communities is the mutual revenue from tourism which has helped start and sustain joint community projects including schools, water projects and many more.

Laikipia in northern Kenya has hugely led the way into conservation efforts and setting up private conservancies their experiences have been duplicated in other areas within Kenya.

With the advent of private conservancies, a colossal eco balance has been established with the conservancies offering guests with unparalleled wildlife safari experience amidst total seclusion.

The lodging capacity in the eco lodges in these conservancies is minimal hence giving tourists ultimate seclusion and a haven for wildlife viewing. The population density of wildlife in these areas per square kilometer is only rivaled by that in Greater Masai Mara.

These ranches also offer premium services including but not limited to bush walks, horse safaris, camel safaris, sundowners and a chance for the guests to participate in the conservation efforts. An ideal outdoor for honeymooners. The eco lodges also provide a great gate away for families as some of these lodges offer numerous family activities.

World renowned personalities have been constant guests in these conservancies. Prince William, Usain Bolt is just but a few of them.

Regardless whether you have been on a safari to before or not, a tour to these conservancies will provide you with a whole new safari experience.

Today, countries like South Africa are seeking Kenya’s expertise and experience in setting up wildlife conservation areas.