Only recently I found out that the African safari vacation is an experience of a lifetime and not just a trip. Simply being on the African continent will have you so thrilled with anticipation you will feel just like a kid going to the circus for the first time. The years go away and you are taken back in time when all of your worries were few, and the possibilities in life were endless.

Why An African Animal Safari?

For me it’s the scenery, the people and the animals. The wild animals are the biggest attraction for most of us. OK so why an African animal safari? Remember going to the zoo for the first time and seeing the big game animals the Rhino, Lion, Tiger, Zebra, Leopard and others, remember how excited you were. Now imagine ten times the excitement. It’s simply not the same as seeing the animals in the wild and living in their native habitat.

Don’t forget the smaller creatures such as monkeys and birds that are on display in zoos, but they are much more interesting in the wild. Did you know there are African animal safaris available in many of the most picturesque nations on the African continent.

I Didn’t Think I Could Afford It Either

Taking an African animal safari is not as far fetched as it may at first seem. I didn’t think I could afford it but I found out I could. Remember the old African safari movies? Many years ago you had to hire an expert guide and make all the arrangements but it’s not like that anymore. If you want to experience a real safari you will be pleased to know that there are many experts prepared to take tourists like you and I to see the hippos, monkeys, lions and birds in many African countries. For once in your life do something truly adventurous and take an African animal safari and see these marvelous animals where they continue to roam free and wild.

What About Meals And Lodging

Don’t worry about this, when you book with and go with a professional African animal safari company you are treated as royalty. From the meals that are served to the five star lodges that people stay in, nothing is overlooked.

Where To Go And What To See

I like seeing it all! If wildlife is what you want to see you can see the lion, elephant, leopard as well as antelopes, hippos, giraffes and a whole lot more. You will also find the aardwolf as well as zebra in your camera sights while on African safari.

The choices of African animal safaris are many. The South African animal safari is the best for my money and offers a very spectacular landscape that is much appreciated all across the world. The plateaus of Zimbabwe and its intertwined hills and valleys provide you with excellent photo opportunities.

There is also Botswana animal safari with its rough and scrubby savannahs and sandy basins as well as the great Kalahari Desert. Many would call Tanzania the last frontier in Africa which has the Rift Valley as well as vast plains that add a different dimension to your African animal safari.

If you want to see big cats, then take one of the African animal safaris in Zambia with it’s flat hills as well as huge valleys that have many of these world class animals waiting for you to see.

Real Adventure

For the more adventuresome you can arrange professional guides to have trips prearranged so you can camp in the African wilderness to view these fascinating animals. The guides have camping excursions planned that provide a closer look at the big game of Africa. This will probably be the most exciting camping trip that you will ever undertake.

There are many countries on the African continent where you can visit and experience an African animal safari.