There’s a new safari adventure being offered in Zambia – an African safari on horseback. An African horse riding holiday that encompasses the African safari has got to be the adventure travellers’ dream! It has all that you would expect of an African safari experience including excitement, exploration and drama. But unlike the traditional safari experience the horseback safari brings with it some remarkable advantages.

  1. A horseback safari allows you to be at one with nature allowing you to become part of your surrounding environment.
  2. Exploring Africa on horseback is obviously more environmentally friendly than ripping across its delicate natural eco-systems in 4×4 vehicles and there’s something much more blissful and much more respectful about riding through national parks on horseback.
  3. An African riding holiday safari will give you variation beyond your wildest imagination! You’ll experience the delight of superb horses as well as informative and friendly company. The terrain will change as you ride across large areas in outstanding countryside dotted with wild game. On horseback you will experience quiet calming walks, then you’ll be stalking big game and on to cantering along rivers drinking in the bird life and sometimes even galloping across the savannah.
  4. Horseback safari adventures fulfil a difference. They are for the adventurous who want to get away from the standard large tour group. The horseback safari gives you privacy, quiet and respite.
  5. Horses are known for their innate wild nature and so they are naturally tuned to sense game. The direction of a horses ears give clues about how it feels and so, many camouflaged animals are more easily spotted by guides who understand horses’ body language. A horse will calmly graze among herbivore animals like antelope and zebra. Quietly drifting along on horseback you are also more likely to experience wild animals in their natural environment undisturbed by the noisy intrusion of an open topped safari vehicle.
  6. On horseback you get a panoramic view safari by default and this makes game spotting easier.
  7. Horses have the ability to cover large distances and they can go off road, off the eaten track. This gives you the chance to experience varying terrain and a broad selection of Africa’s wild game and bird life.

Horseback safari is obviously a thrilling alternative to the standard African safari experience and it is likely that demand for the eco friendly African riding holiday that explores what wild Africa has to offer will increase as travelers become more knowledgeable, eco aware and more adventurous.