The jungle is a great adventure. Any free spirit and adventurous heart will find it intoxicating to spend time hunting in the wild. Most Americans from the North fantasize about it and somehow tries to make it happen. Unfortunately, this remains to be seen. They can’t seem to make it come to being. Preparations to travel, that far out into the ends of the world, take time and effort not to mention money. But, that’s not going to stop the dreamer from daydreaming about their thrill seeking adventures in an African safari. Those wonderful elephant back rides that’s surely to sweep them off their feet, literally. What about the tumultuous lion feeding on its helpless victim. The circle of life, as they say, is seen first hand.

Though there is no association to Africa’s geographical setting, the word Safari is used in reference to visitors who go to Africa. There is a commanding scenic feel to the word that evokes nature’s rawness and primitiveness. Safari, promotes a sense of expedition into the wild. A vision of tents, jungle knives, hunting gears among other things take over the imagination as it arouses the need to vanquish fear and master survival. This is why it is appealing to people, mainly testosterone driven men. Women find it exciting as well, but not as much as the inherent nature of men as hunters.

The earliest term was an orientation to the wild animal huntsman that often visited Africa. European men would go to Africa to savor its magnificence and have a hand in the wildlife. They form into hunting parties and chase down unsuspecting unusual animals to their death. With a bullet and a barrel these untamed species meet their maker sooner than nature designed. As a symbol of triumph they are reduced to head trophies for wall mount decorations in European castles or mansions. This became a huge thing for keeping an eminence in societal structural status back in those days. But, at the turn of the centuries when animal rights activists furiously marched to give those wild animals a chance at life, hunting became obsolete. It slowly became barbaric.

Bloodbath of innocent wild animals that were caught in the middle of Europe’s harsh reign over African soil, are all recorded in the pages of history. The belief was since Africa is under them they own everything that they can salvage off its land. This included the animals that nature has provided this bountiful land. That’s why the word, safari, entails excruciating memories for Africans up to this day. All they held dear and sacred were ruined without a moment’s notice or remorse. A profound grasp of rule that stretched from massacring the land to enslaving the people, haunts the whole nation to this day.

Even with a harsh history, with the kind of beauty Africa holds all the ugliness of the past just simply fades in the background. There is a new chapter for safari. Now when people talk about shooting in Africa, this doesn’t end in violent killings of wild animals. Shooting is taking a piece of Africa home in one click of a camera. Immortalizing the splendor and glory through photos are far safer and better. Picturesque sceneries that know no bounds are ultimately the magic that tantalize spectators to this continent. The photo safaris are well-liked by all. Not matter the orientation and status they are very relatable. What’s not to like about nature?

For someone who wishes to take those desired pictures of the safari, they would have to travel all the way to Africa. But, of course, this is not only taxing but expensive. There are innovative ways that northern Americans came-up with. They are called safari parks. Tourists and locals alike have an opportunity to study exotic creatures from a secure spy-hole. Walking or bus riding are also some ways to keep the encounter as realistic as possible. Guides and booklets are provided for educational purposes and most especially for information junkies. They help create awareness and diminish panic in the spectator’s mind.

The cradle of life is indisputably synonymous to African Safari. Nothing beats the real thing, but if not then take the alternative. Either way nature’s brilliance is a miracle at work.