Tanzania is a magnificent destination with the natural reserves and national parks that has attraction several people to the country. When it concerns travel and tourism, Tanzania is a head in Africa. It has beautiful reserves as well as game parks that offer chances to all tourists to see the wonderful scenic view along with the wildlife in their natural setting. Research has it that majority of the travelers along with their operators will first visit the northern parks which include serengeti, Tarangire, Ngorongoro and Manyara.What makes these places popular is the fact that they have well improved infrastructure and better facilities to offer to their visitors. Apart from that, they have the well maintained tourism routes that begin from the town of Arusha.

Besides the northern part of Tanzania, the south also has parks and reserves that are so adventurous compared to other African continent. The prominent areas include Ruaha and Udzungwa mountains National parks along with Selous Game Reserve and Mikumi.Its well known that they are less populated than the north.Beolow are some of the issues as to why you should opt for the southern Tanzania parks.

It is said that these parks are unique and genuine; some parks such as Ruaha have been extinct until of late when they were revived. Surprisingly they have not been destructed by mankind thus has its nature setting.

The parks in the south offer special tours although they are not usually visited as that of the northern park. The few tourists that have managed to tour these parks say that its a true African tour expedition.The southern parks are well known for their famous activities such as river boat rides, bush walks as well as nature walks. These are very rear activities to discover in the northern park. Visit the southern parks and get the experience of a safari adventure sometimes on your own.

The only way to feel secure while touring these parks is through having an open sided safari vehicle. It gives a chance to take all the photos you wish and still enjoy the game viewing at different sides of the territory.Accommodation in the southern part is very accessible although small but very intimate what every tourists desires. There are no camps or tents for larger groups; it’s strictly a personal safari adventure.

Once you take the southern part, its becomes simple to organise, this is because the distance is quite shorter and favors 1 or 2 nights safari. What makes this park easy to visit is that; for instance Mikumi is just about 4 hours by road of which by air its one hour. Selous, Ruaha as well as mikumi will use flights to get the destinations. This is just to help you get rid of long hours on the road. The northern parks tend to become a problem because the distance too long and tiring to the travelers.