An African Safari in the Masai Mara

The rolling savannah plains and dotted acacia trees of the Masai Mara form that classic landscape that we all visualise when we think of an African safari, but seeing it for real is something quite magical. It is within these grounds that the Great Migration takes place; a spectacular natural event that takes place every year involving 2 million wildebeest, zebra and gazelle. Aside from the migration period, wildlife is rich in the Mara all year round and with the big five constantly on display, it is one of the finest game viewing regions on the continent. As well as wildlife inhabiting the land, the Masai tribe also call the national park their home. This fascinating tribe live a way of life little changed for centuries and experiencing this on an African safari really is inspiring and unforgettable.

The Masai Tribe

There are many tribes in Kenya, around 40 in fact, and all of these have their own unique history and different ways of life. The most famous of these tribes is the Masai tribe; a strong symbol of Kenya. The tribe dress in red sheets and wear colourful handmade jewellery so you definitely won’t miss them! The tribe tend to live in houses made of mud and grass and the possession of their cattle symbolises wealth. Seeing the way the Masai live really is an eye opening experience and if you arrange this activity on your African safari in Kenya, you can expect to spend some time with them learning the culture and getting involved in craft making and bush skills.

Meeting the Masai on an African Safari in Kenya

The majority of African safari camps and lodges in Kenya offer experiences with Masai tribes. They are particularly popular with families who choose to share this rare opportunity with their children who have never seen anything so different before. Meeting the Masai gives everyone an insight into a culture worlds apart from anything they usually know. A Masai guide will take you on a tour around a local village in the Masai Mara and share stories with you, many of which have been passed down through centuries. Watch bewildered as Masai warriors perform traditional dances together and carry on with their day to day lives using bow and arrows, making jewellery and building camps. An African safari in the Masai Mara can incorporate a tribe visit easily, so make sure you talk to your tour operator.