The Ashnil safari is a luxury safari which combines a tour through the Masai Mara National Park and the Samburu National Park. These are some of the best game reserves in Kenya and the game viewing from here is simply stunning. There are Ashnil camps for the accommodation throughout the safari and the fact is that you will manage to explore a huge area within very short periods of time since you will be flying.

The safari begins in Kenya’s capital Nairobi from where you will be exposed to numerous exciting excursions and tours of the city. From the beautiful modern and developed city you will then fly into the Samburu national park from where you will enjoy the rugged plains concentrated with rare animal species and other game. The Big Five are enjoyable from here and you will also have the chance to taste the Samburu culture. The Ashnil camp here in Samburu offers magnificent views since it overlooks Ewaso Nyiro River. It is also a camp that provides numerous facilities thus opening great activities to be enjoyed.

The next stop from Samburu will definitely be Masai Mara. You will have the chance of spending some of the most memorable nights within this natural and beautiful reserve. Mara Ashnil camps are made available for your accommodation and you can rest assured that the three nights you spend here will be everything that you dreamt of for the safari. The camps are situated in the center of this famed game reserve from where wonderful views are enjoyed. The camps are positions overlooking Olkeju and Mara rivers from where animals can be viewed.

The area also has numerous amenities and facilities as well as activities bound to make the days spent here most enjoyable and memorable. The Ashnil flying safari experience is simply luxurious and is ideal for those with the need to be in the best spots of the country when here on short vacations. The fact that light aircraft are used to make the safaris possible makes it easier to explore the beautiful natural reserves. A well planned safari will always be rewarding in the end so always make a point of starting early with your plans before the safari to ensure that everything is on point.

The scenery here is beautiful and the sunsets are simply spectacular and romantic. The Ashnil flying safari is one of the most luxurious safaris that you can enjoy while on a Kenyan holiday.