Africa and Safaris go hand in hand. Imagine the excitement in seeing live, wild animals in their natural habitat yet some as close away as a stone’s throw!

Such countries as Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Botswana and Rwanda just to name a few, offer great diversity of landscape and animal species. Their Wildlife Parks are perfect for animal spotting, taking amazing photography or, if you are into painting, even immortalizing what you see in oil or watercolors.

A Safari can be taken during the dry season when animals are seen at drinking at watering holes or during the rainy season when herds roam around eating the growing lush vegetation.

Safari vacation packages can include treetop accommodations, campgrounds, lodges with pools or even outdoor baths, and saunas and spa treatments to help you relax after a full day of adrenaline fatigue chasing after the quarry. Some packages go as far as including butler service.

Professional Safari Guides are available for hire. These guides will help you explore the best regions for great photography and fond, long-lasting memories as well as ensure safety for you and your friends.

They will take you to the best reserves. Travel can be done over land with Safari vehicles, by water on boat tours or even by aircraft. Imagine observing and photographing a herd of buffaloes, crocodiles, lions or a group of graceful giraffes. Gorillas, mammals, birds, reptiles and flora are also part of the whole African wildlife picture.

If a trilling hunting experience is what you seek, these guides can include hunters and trackers. They know which animals are legal to hunt and when so as to ensure that none becomes extinct. You will need a hunting permit. For Big Game, lions, leopards, cheetahs, rhinos, hippos and elephants are some of the most dangerous. Other Game can include Eland, Hyena, buffalo and many other kinds. Hunting can be done with rifles or bows depending on what game you are after.

Africa, however, is not just about its dangerous animals. It has spectacular sunrises, mountains, rivers and beaches. When in Africa, try to make time for some deep-sea fishing, wildlife painting, hiking and a host of activities as part of your trip.

Choose the Safari vacation package in the country or countries of your choice. Choose a package that best fits your budget from among the many African Wildlife Reserves and get ready to experience the most trilling time of your life.