In Kenya, camels are mostly used in the arid and semi arid remote areas where roads are hardly accessible. The Northern Kenya is where animals are widely used for riding and carrying baggage. This arid wide landscape is full of beauty ranging from wildlife, bird watching, swimming, Matthews and Ndoto Mountain Ranges whose heights are nearly up to 900 feet above sea level, Ewaso Nyiro River and cultural activities. The Ewaso Nyiro River is the main source of water and, the best time to have a camel safari in this unspoiled land is between December to March and July to October when the season is dry.

The local people include the Ndorobo, Samburu and the Turkana who still cherish their custom up to date. Your camel safari will include the itineraries where you will have a chance to meet with friendly and polite communities where you will learn their tradition. This will be quite a different experience where you will forget the twentieth century for some days and learn the hard life of this nomadic people. You will have to trek for many kilometers in search of wildlife before reaching your next camp. During this time, you will be accompanied by guides from the local people who are well experienced and able to talk English.

Camel safaris begin in the morning since this is the best time to spot the shy wild animals such as the cheetah and the leopard. It’s still good to walk in the morning when the weather is still cold to avoid being exhausted from the unbearable hot sun. If there small children in the safari, tents and camps are usually built near the river bank where kids can swim to relax after the long tiring journey. As the local guide show you hunting techniques, they will also teach you how to harvest forest honey and understand the wild animals in a better way.

Camel safari in Laikipia, Samburu, Mathews and Turkana in Kenya will be a good opportunity to spot the lion, leopard, cheetah, hyena, elephant, gazelle and antelope. You will also spot some birds such as honey birds and eagles. Your camel safari will involve walking for long distances in the morning and relax in the after noon. Camp sites are comfortable with beds, three delicious meals a day, hot showers, toilets, drinks, refreshments and entertainment. Camel safari in Kenya is ideal for ages between four to eighty four. Adventure the northern Kenya on foot and to see the wonders the remote area has to offer.