Kenya is a renowned tourist destination with international status. There are many things to look forward to when you choose Kenya as your safari destination of choice. The culture of the Kenyan people is most interesting and fascinating. The foods are delicious and are made to perfection by qualified chefs.

The wildlife in Kenya is one of the major attractions that see many tourists come and go every year. The region is full of activities all year round due to the favorable climate conditions that make it a perfect destination especially for those from colder regions or countries.

Planning and choosing a safari destination in Kenya is very important. Chances are that you will be able to experience the kind of tour that you have always desired. Whether you are looking for a luxurious safari or a simple one, there are packages that are able to cover all personal budgets and make your experience memorable.

Choosing the perfect destination is also very important. For safaris, there is well over 40 game reserves and national parks to choose from. You must therefore carefully decide which part of this great land that you desire to be in.

You should research about the areas in question. Learn more about the weather condition that you should expect during the period that you desire to visit. It is also important to look up the hotels and reserves that operate in that specific area so that you may determine whether their standards meet yours.

Different resorts have different policies regarding children and this is a factor that you should highly look out for if you wish to travel with the little ones.

Due to the number of resorts and lodges that have already been set up, it is important to carefully choose the one where you will get the best out of your tour. The major national parks that are most popular with tourists on safari include, Ambrose near the Mount Kilimanjaro, Masai Mara with the annual wildebeest migrations, Savor in the coastal region, the Nairobi national park that is very near the central business district of Kenya’s capital city, the lake Nauru game reserve popular for the migratory flamingos as well as Hell’s Gate national park famous for the amazing landscape and rich wildlife, just to mention a few.

When choosing a destination, your health should come first. It is well known that Africa is prone to malaria. Take the necessary precautions by taking anti malarial drugs before your visit. Choose a resort or hotel that has put mosquito nets in place. This clearly indicates that the resort in question cares for your health.