Masai Mara safaris can be exciting, entertaining and unforgettable. Maasai Mara National Reserve is a big tourist landmark found near the southwest border of Kenya and Tanzania. It is actually a continuation of the Tanzanian Serengeti National Park to the northern side. In addition, the reserve is large as it occupies one thousand five hundred square kilometers of land. Simply called Mara in short form, Maasai Mara is one of the widely visited tourist attraction parks in Kenya.

It is a beautiful land consisting of acacia trees, tall grass, shrubs, steep hills, rivers and other physical features. A typical visit to the region starts from the capital of Kenya for those who land at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport or the surrounding air strips. Nairobi safaris toward this park can be quite tiring and complicated if you do not plan them carefully. They involve a long journey covering a distance of two hundred and seventy kilometers. If you travel by car, you can expect to reach the reserve after five to six hours.

Although the country’s roads are very improved nowadays, the Masai Mara safari will take you to a remote land where road development has not reached so far. As you look for a car hire company in Nairobi, you should make sure that its vehicles can get you to the Mara regardless of the weather. If you want to avoid a safari to this popular wildlife reserve by an auto, you can use a plane and within forty five minutes it will transport you to this lovely destination. One of the most important factors that you must consider when planning your Maasai Mara safaris are the rates.

You have to consider the rates for car and air transportation as these are the main means of transport in Kenya. The rates keep on fluctuating depending on the state of the economy. Luckily, you can now use the internet to locate many different tour guide operators that arrange Nairobi safaris toward this prominent game reserve. Always be sure to choose an accredited tour operator as you want to avoid situations where a car breaks down in the middle of the wilderness. Next, you want to consider the rates of accommodation, foods and drinks in this park.

There are extremely many camps and lodges around the facility which can give you a good service at fairly cheap rates. Do you ever wonder what is so special at Masai Mara? The Great Migration is certainly one of the most attractive features in the region. The GM is a large exodus involving zebras, wildebeests, and Thompson gazelles from Tanzania to Kenya. The animals cross Mara River where they find hungry giant crocodiles waiting for a feast and the big cats salivating on the other side of the river. Another trendy thing about a trip to this region is the hot air balloon safaris. They are usually offered in the mornings so that tourists can view this vast land from above. If you are thinking of touring Africa, this is the park you want to go to.