Diani beach safaris are Kenyan trips based on a famous Indian Ocean coast called Diani Beach. This is one of the largest pure white sand beaches found in the south of Mombasa City. It is about 30 kilometers from Mombasa. The shore is situated on very beautiful scenery which is made up of a long strip of coral reefs, very white sandy ground, turquoise ocean waters and tall palm trees. The beach itself covers a land area of twenty five kilometers down the Indian Ocean. As a result, everyone enjoys free space to do his or her activities. This piece of land which is covered by Diani accommodates other smaller beaches and islands. These small paradise-like shores are Tiwi and Galu while the islands are Funzi, Kinondo and Chale.

If you truly want to be in a place which was naturally created for relaxation and fun you need to take part in Diani safaris. A holiday in the Kenya’s best shore can be memorable especially if you are willing to plan it thoroughly. Even the local people visit this beach over and over as it not easy to get enough of the experiences that one can gain here. In order to enjoy Diani beach Kenya you need to learn more information about it. The weather condition is a very imperative factor to consider before travelling anywhere in the world. In this coastal area the weather is almost always breezy because of the frequent Ocean winds. The hottest months of the year include December, January, February, March and April.

The temperature can rise up to thirty degrees Celsius. Between July and August, the climate is cool since the temperatures are twenty seven degrees Celsius on Average. Between April and May the rains are common. This is basically a very enjoyable tropical marine climate where the air is generally warm but it cannot cause discomfort because of the ever blowing winds. If you want to come to the Kenyan coast you can carry clothes that are made of soft and absorbent fabrics. This is the right place to wear your favorite beach clothes and accessories. Bring the right clothing for water activities too.

The strong ocean winds make wind surfing and kite flying two of the most enjoyable activities. There are about twenty five scuba diving sites along this beach and you can participate individually if this is your favorite activity. Snorkelling the coral reef at Diani is a common activity too. The nearest wildlife conservation area has the black and white Columbus monkeys and you can also cruise in a dhow or ferry to see dolphins, whales and sharks. Diani safaris are very exciting and relaxing especially because of the classy golf courses and health and spas available.