Africa is a place where you can find number of places and explore to the wildlife of Africa. Here in this post you can have few look to the most famous national park of Africa. Serengeti National Park is the most famous and largest national park in Serengeti. It is located in the state of Tanzania. Serengeti Park is been rewarded as the best wildlife reserve found in Africa. After a wide look to the Serengeti Park you can notice that the park is divided into three areas including, Seronera valley, Seronera River, western corridor and northern lobo. To enter the seronera valley many of the visitors enter through the southern Naabi hill gate which is open to the wildlife of Serengeti. In the western corridor the path follows the Grumeti River toward the Lake Victoria. In this river you can find wide range of crocodile action. Visitors also arrange for mobile camping to get a better view of the location. On the western corridor you can find black cotton. Grumeti River is the home for crocodile, colobus monkey and martial eagle. Northern lobo the migration is filled wit wildebeest zebra, elephants, giraffe and dik. For hunter there are big five wildlife in this park including 3000 lion, 1000 African leopard, 1980 African elephant, black rhinoceros found around the Kopjes, and the most important African buffalo. Other species found here are cheetah, giraffe hyena, baboon, and ostrich, crowned crane, wild dog, lovebirds, vultures and lot more. For accommodation there are various types like from camp, tent or also luxurious rooms.

Another park in Africa is the most stunning Etosha Park located in the region of Kunene, Namibia. The park is surrounded with the boundaries of Oshana, Oshikoto and Otjozondjupa region. The Etosha Gates are named as Otjovasandu Gate, Anderson Gate, Namutoni Gate, and Von Lindequist Gate. The wildlife here is a biggest attraction to the visitors to visit the Etosha National Park. This park is covered with the full range of wild fauna and other species. Africa is filled with typical animals including elephant, rhino, giraffe, zebra, antelope, leopard wild dog, lion, cheetah, hyena, baboon, ostrich and lot more in the part of Etosha National Park. There are buffaloes, hippopotami, swamps and crocodiles found in the river. You can enjoy a safari in the Etosha Park by taking your caravan in the nature reserve or flight to sossusvlei. You can self drive or can hire as guide to tour the park. For the accommodation you definitely don’t have to worry because from luxurious hotels to middle class hotels, backpackers, motels, rest camps and lot more to relax.

Chobe Park is known as the second largest national park in the area of Botswana. The park covers around 11, 700 square kilometers. In this park almost 12,000 elephants are headed. The Park includes Chobe River in the Northern border and touches the Linyanti marshes to the west. It is the home to many of the wildlife presented here.In Chobe Park majority of elephant population are found. This elephant moves according to the season up to 200 kilometers from Chobe and Linyanti Rivers for their dry season home. This park is divided into four distinct eco-system including Serondela, chobe river, savute marsh and linyanti marsh. Even in Chobe National Park you can tour yourself to wild safaris. Accommodation here is as per the individual’s expectations, with lodges, hotels, motels, rest camps and lot more to relax oneself in the wildlife of Africa.