There are excellent companies that offer a huge range of fantastic wildlife holidays in Africa, and no matter what animal you want to focus on, there is sure to be an itinerary perfectly suited. (If, for some reason your perfect trip is not on offer, you may be able to have your own itinerary designed on a bespoke basis.) The fascinating destination of Madagascar is just one option.

Exploring Madagascar

Madagascar may not be the quintessential destination for wildlife holidays in Africa, but this incredible country offers some exciting nature-based opportunities and a completely different cultural experience. The country is possibly best-known for its endemic population of Lemurs, which have made the island home to the second largest number of primates after Brazil. There are new species being discovered all the time and it is thought that more than 10 new species could be discovered over the next generation.

They are interesting creatures, grouped and defined by their peak times of activity. Some are nocturnal while others prefer the light of the day in which to go about their daily business. One thing is for sure, there is nothing quite like the noise these mammals produce, and this is something that will stay with you long after your return your wildlife holidays. In Africa, the plains of the Serengeti, the marshlands of the Amboseli, and the jungles of Rwanda are characterised by the calls of the resident animals, but the grunts, squeals and chirps of the Lemurs – ranging from wailing calls to piercing siren-like noises – are particularly distinctive.

They range in size from the larger Indri Lemur to the more rodent-like Mouse Lemur, and you will have the opportunity to see many different species on wildlife holidays.

In Africa, national parks are found in abundance and Madagascar’s offerings include the diverse areas of Ranomafana, Andasibe and Ifaty. An experience here will see you visiting all of these areas and spending time enjoying the company of these cute, curious little creatures. You can venture in to the rainforests and deserts at different times of the day in order to maximise your chances of getting the best sightings, and a visit to Perinet at dawn, where you are greeted to a dawn chorus like no other, should definitely be on the agenda. Although the Golden Bamboo Lemur and the Ring-tailed Lemur are among the highlights of a trip to this country, there is an array of other wildlife to spot too.

Of all of the wildlife holidays in Africa, a trip to Madagascar is among the most fascinating. This unique island is a part of the continent that offers the avid wildlife lover some exceptional opportunities.