When you want to take your family on vacation to Kenya, be sure to enjoy all it’s natural beauty. This is a good place to adventure and learn more about the various types of wild animals and birds. You will also have a chance to to travel to Mombasa and Lamu and have a wonderful time as you enjoy walking along the beach as well as swimming. There are many activities designed to educate and entertain children, making the accommodation comfortable and more enjoyable. July to December is the best time to visit the Masai Mara National park, when hundreds of zebras and other wild beasts are on migration.

Family safari in Kenya is excellent to virtually all destinations. For instance, you can use an aircraft if your family is tired or want to reach your destination fast. You can also travel on a 4 by 4 jeeps, safari van with roof hatches or a twenty five seater bus depending on your choice. Be sure to look for a reliable car rental company to hire safari vehicles. The price varies depending on the capacity of each vehicle. There are special seats allocated for children in each car. You can also decide to use a train and have a fantastic smooth journey all the way.

The food is delicious and well cooked. With family safari in Kenya, you will have a variety of food and drinks to choose from during your stay in Kenya. You will be happy to see and meet different tribes and ethnic groups that co-exist harmoniously. In fact there are 42 different ethic groups in Kenya each with its own cultural tenets. You will be accompanied by well qualified doctors from reputable hospitals to cater for emergencies. The drivers are well trained and able to speak in different languages, so there is no need for an interpreter. There are well trained nannies for children to give you ideal relaxation as you adventure Kenya’s natural beauty. You will have a chance to meet different people and learn their cultures.

There are many Game Reserves and National parks where you will have an excellent view of the wildlife such as birds. For example, Nairobi National Park, Samburu National Reserve, Amboseli National Park, L. Nakuru National Park among others. You will learn and discover herbal medicine from different types of trees. You will enjoy climbing and trekking Mt.Kenya and Mt.Kilimanjaro which is the highest mountain in Africa. You will visit different lakes and rivers and and enjoy swimming where you will be able to see beautiful fish from different species. You will be delighted to see millions of flamingo birds in Lake Nakuru and have an excellent photo shoot. With all these adventures, family safari in Kenya will be unforgettable one life time tour with memories no money can ever buy.