Nature; unadulterated and beautiful. It’s not often you get an opportunity to witness it up-close and personal, much less get the chance to be a part of it – living, breathing, and feeling a million times more alive than you do in the office on any casual mid-week afternoon, staring mindlessly at your computer screen. For as much as mankind has invented some pretty clever things in his time, and made us homes to live in, tall skyscrapers to peer up at and microwave ovens to roast our chickens in, sometimes there is nothing better than reverting back to our base capabilities and existing as the good mother earth intended. Cue a luxury African safari.

Africa, a continent of vast proportions and epic scenery has to be the biggest natural playground that the world owns. It is here that some of the most incredible natural phenomena occur, and can be the only place to choose for where to go when you’re looking to escape it all. We’ve heard about the Big Five, we’ve all watched The Lion King (and secretly harboured wild dreams to become a part of that very thing… the wilderness). So why not book a luxury safari holiday that encompasses the best of this African landscape, and relish in the feeling of being at one with the earth without compromising on comfort or worrying about an overloaded tourist impact; you may be in the wild but getting away from it all doesn’t mean you have to rough or ruin it. These days mouldy tents transform into private pods of canvas-constructed opulence, campfire sing-songs become low-lit, chilled champagne-infused memories under perfect star-lit skies, and local guides lose their anonymity to become trusted friends and a fount of inspirational anecdotes. You’ll be miles away before you know it.

So you’ve detached yourself from the real world, and seamlessly installed yourself into this new one – with no limit on space stretching from sky to Savannah. In our chicken-coops back home, this is enough to make the mind boggle. But nothing can prepare you for the spectacle of the scenery. And if there’s anything you simply can’t afford to miss, it’s the annual Great Migration. On a Kenya safari you might watch how herds of wild, magnificently determined animals and other grazing herbivores tear themselves through the plains of the Masai Mara Ecosystem. Count over 200,000 zebra, 500,000 gazelles and more than one and a half million wildebeest cross this incredible landscape. It’s been nicknamed the Greatest Show on Earth. Cameras can’t possibly do it justice.

Replace the urban jungle with a natural one. Inhale slowly, take in the vast and never ending views, and thank your lucky stars that peaceful, truly awesome escape routes like these still exist. Life doesn’t get much better.