Kenya is well known as a great tourist destination all over the world. The sceneries and the animals found in this part of Africa make this all a worthwhile journey for even the most discerning tourist. The word safari is predominantly used in east Africa and whenever it is mentioned, every person instinctively knows that some wild animals and bush riding is in the offing. One can organise to have the trip arranged from the point of departure from your local airport or one can choose to arrange for the same upon landing in Kenya.

There are numerous places that capture every tourist’s eyes and some of the sceneries have become phenomenal with Kenyan tourism. The migration of the wildebeests and zebras presents tourists with nothing but pure exhilarating experience when they are crossing the dangerous waters of Mara River. The migration is so exciting that many people book for the safari months in advance. One can’t really compare the experience of zebras crossing the river which is infested with monstrous jawed crocodiles and by the banks, mean looking felines.

For the tourists who love to watch nature and travel around, the mountainous side of Central Kenya presents very good hideaways where the Mt Kenya National Park together with Aberdare National Parks lie. One can visit the Samburu National Reserve to get a glimpse of the gravis zebra and other savannah animals in a typical Kenyan safari.

A safari is usually a one day journey through the bushes and the main goal is to catch as many wild animals on camera or otherwise in their natural living environment. This means that a person will get a chance to get a glimpse of a hyena gnashing a kill from a cheetah’s mouth, or a lion chasing a zebra. For one to experience all this, an early ride into the bushes is the most ideal time as the herbivores will be grazing or late in the evening when they are watering and when the carnivores are ready for a kill.

Catching an animal in the actual act of hunting can be rather hard especially if you happen not to be primal with the animal instincts. Keeping still, watching the other animals’ movements and keeping your hearing senses sharp is the only way to see a feline hunting. Watching out to see where the herbivores are looking at would also be another good way of catching a lion or cheetah creeping in the bushes. But one needn’t panic fro not seeing the hunting expedition in the morning hours as most rides start in the morning and last till late in the evening. There will be a lot of animals to watch and see.

A Kenyan safari is considered by many as the best African safari tour that anyone can ever take. One will need to book for the ride in advance before leaving for Kenya but for those who are on a tight budget can arrange for everything when they are already in Kenya, you should ensure that you have mentioned to state that you are single and not a couple if this happens to be the case when using the travel agents or the tourist agents to arrange for a safari.