Thinking of going on a Safari? Choose from two of Africa’s main safari regions, East and South Africa. If choosing South Africa, The most common Safari destinations are: Namibia, Zimbabwe and Botswana.

The best time to visit Southern Africa is May through October, the dry season. For great walking trails, to remote destination areas only accessible in the dry season and viewing of nocturnal species, look at Zimbabwe and Namibia


The best way to accessed Namibia is by air. Highlights included: Estosha National Park where you find impala, the black faced variety, and the tallest elephants in Africa, more than 433 mammal and bird species, well shaded camp sites, night drives, game walks and white rhinos. The Namib-Naukluft Park is a massive desert, flanked by dunes and is a haven for birds, is a refuge for the Hartmann’s mountain zebra and has great walking trails. The Orange River with many ancient archaeological sites of the regions hunter-gathers who lived in the area for 750 thousand years; The Skeleton Coast Park and Wilderness, accessible only by air (operated by official concessionaire) and guided tour, provides great views of desert elephants, rhino, giraffe and lions. The park also houses The National West Coast Recreation Area, which is  great for angling and is best known for viewing fur seals. And if you prefer, take a 3-day hike into the coastal plains, jagged mountains and canyons.


Check from your list of “Sevens Wonders of the World” to visit, when you arrive at the largest curtain of falling water on earth at Victoria Falls which also includes the highest concentration of wild lions and the last Black Rhino sanctuaries. Mana Pools, a World Heritage Site along the Zambezi River is ideal for walking or canoeing. During the dry season, May through October, the area plays host to a profusion of game. Hwange National Park holding no permanent water has a large population of big and small mammal species, with large concentrations of buffalo and elephant. During a walking tour in South Luangwa, you can see leopard and bush camps. In North Luangwa, see safari wilderness which was off-limits for decades. For “birding” enthusiasts and viewing antelope Kafue is the place to be!


The Okavango Delta, accessible only by plane, is considered by many to be one of the most tranquil and isolated oasis in the desert. Okavango has seasonal floods, beginning in mid-summer in the north and ends six months later in the south.   These floods change the landscape not only revealing channels, islands and lagoons, but also changing the animals which live along the Delta, permanent habitats and those that come with the floods. Making up more than 70% of Okavango, is Moremi Game Reserve.  The reserve is one of the most scenic game parks in Africa with an abundant population of wildlife and birds.  To see the highest concentration of elephants in Africa, then Chobe is where you want to go. To witness eland then Nogatsaa and Tchinga is the place to go.

This is just a short list of places to go on Safari, but I hoped it help piques your interest and helped in the choosing of where to go on Safari in Africa!