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Very few countries capture both the magic and the contrast of the African continent like Kenya does. Situated in the eastern part of the continent, Kenya is a land of mesmerizing natural beauty and color. It is a land in which a snow-capped mountain sits on the Equator and lions roam in their natural splendor only a few kilometers away from the heart of the capital city, Nairobi. Kenya is also home to some of the earliest pre-historic sites on earth. Because of its modern amenities and uniquely western style and pace of life, many foreigners visiting Kenya, and especially Nairobi, consider the country as their home away from home.

1. Aberdare National Park

This park will enable you to see the magnificent waterfalls e.g the Karuru waterfall that is the longest falls in a unique and vast moorland area, with aesthetics of the range. Also have yourself entertained by the melodies while you watch the biggest variety of birds a niche product in the Aberdare ecosystem along the vast Central Moorland Zone. An activity that takes three days walking or hiking. The only exclusive park where you may have a chance to see the endangered and rare antelope species Bongo that is not found anywhere else in the country apart from mountain park of Aberdares. Also you will have a chance to see the largest mountain range in East Africa with climate influence due to naturalness of the area in this park. People have a chance to visit the heroes Den; Kimathi Post Office is a prehistoric site renamed after the legendary freedom fighter during the struggle for Kenya’s independence elicits attachment on socio-cultural value of the country. An important refuge for the Mau Mau freedom fighters during the struggle for independence. Visitors have a chance to contribute to the Aberdare fence project being the longest fence project as mitigation to Human wildlife conflict conservation of the ecosystem. A visit to this park makes you to have a look at the catchment area where most major rivers of Kenya emanate. Its one of the parks with trout fishing activity in the magnificent rivers in Central Moorland.

2. Sibiloi National Park

It is regarded as the cradle of mankind, or do we say that this was the GARDEN OF EDEN situated around this pace? A chance to experience rich cultural practices of the communities around this park, which have not been degraded by the civilization trends. You will visit several endemic species of animals in their home in this park. This magnificent petrified forest-come and witnesses’ evidence of a tropical rainforest in what is now bare land. A fossilized forest and aquatic organisms on top of hills is proving that the area was once water logged and green area. You will have a chance to visit the largest saline lake in the world. It boasts of over 43 species of fish not mentioning other aquatic life like Hippo, Terrapins and the highest concentration of crocodiles in then world among other reptiles.

3. Chyulu Hills National Park

It’s has an International recognized caves that are well distributed within the park. There is presence of underground water that is surrounded by the tropical forest mostly found in the lower region of the park near Kibwezi that make this park an ever green. The good and beautifully arranged Chyulu Hills that are considered to be unique offer nature trails and caves tours. The unbelievable Umani Springs through which water flows underground, up the hills and comes out through Umani where most of the exotic Chyulu elephants are found are also found in this small park. Chyulu Hills is the origin of water in Mombasa city

4. Saiwa Swamp National Park

Rare Sitatunga antelope (Tragelaphus spekei spekei) is found here and one can be enjoyed while in beautiful nature trail with board walks. The terrestrial wetland ecosystem offers breathtaking scenic view from the platform. There is also a beautiful gallery forest of varying widths composed of tress and shrub species Ficus spp, Acacia spp, Albizia spp, Terminalia spp, Hibiscus spp, Greria spp. Before going inside the park there is an information center that hosts a lot of information regarding the park at the gate and will be of use to single traveler..

5. Oldonyo Sabuk National Park

The park has a Historical background to the renowned Lord Mac Millian who was the owner of the land. An unusual burial site that is 7km along the road to the summit lies the grave of Sir William Northrop. Near the Macmillan grave is a lookout point. The high altitude provides a breathtaking and picturesque view of distant rolling plains and ridges.

As you go to the Summit, you are able to appreciate the beauty of the dense forest. The famous fourteen falls is only a stone -throw from the main entry to the park.

6. Ruma National Park

For Cultural tourist visit the Old homesteads (cradles) of Kanyamira where community grandfathers used to live. It’s the only Park with Roan Antelope in Africa and the world except South Africa. This park is situated between two hills thus a valley Kanyanira escarpment and Guasi Hills offering a very scenic view. Kaksingiri springs that rise from Kanyamira escarpment and then disappear 200m away is also worth a visit. Homestead of GOR MAHIA on Kanyamira escarpment are an insight to the way of life to people of this region. “SIMBI NYAIMA” has a historical background of a woman who was denied entertainment and water in a ceremony. She then over flooded the home with water now known as Simbi Nyaima. THIM IYELICH OHINGA – are caves with old utensils used by ancestors and are still well preserved. Its claimed that NYAMGUDHI went into lake Victoria and married a woman who has a lot of wealth in terms of livestock. When they disagreed, the woman went back into Lake Victoria with all livestock. In surprise he turned into a tree that when cut produces blood. The footprints of the livestock are still seen on water to date. Need to go there to witness the mystery

7. Longonot National Park

a recent volcanic activity formed a crater in this park and offer the best hiking expedition within reach from Nairobi. The Steep visible ridges formed by lava flows are a sight that you wouldn’t miss to have. The common and popular nature trail leading to the peak of the mountain offers one a chance to have a close encounter with wild animals. Accommodation is usually at the famous Longonot campsite which harbors several wildlife species.