Want to experience a safari but not sure where to go? Africa is the ultimate destination for a real life safari holiday. It will not only fulfill a once in a lifetime experience, but also give you a taste of the wild and the chance to see some of the most beautiful animals living on this planet.

Kenya is known for its lush savannas, soaring mountains, desert area, unspoilt beaches and warm natured people. The mild climate makes it perfect for exploring and it is one of the most popular destinations for a safari experience. Furthermore, it boasts one of the most magnificent sights you are ever likely to see – rising 5199 meters above sea level is Mount Kenya, the second highest mountain in the continent.

Have you any idea of what types of animals you want to see? In Kenya you can expect to catch sight of big game, including lions and tigers, elephants, rhinoceros and leopards. Here are a couple of the bigger reserves and parks where you will see some of these magnificent creatures.

The Masai Mara National Reserve is highly rated with an annual wildebeest migration, a staggering amount of wild and beautiful animals that make the reserve their home, and a broad diversity of bird life. The plains are packed with wildebeest, impala, zebra, topi, giraffe and Thomson’s gazelle. You may even get the chance to see leopards and lions, hyenas, cheetah, and bat-eared foxes. Whilst you will be lucky to see black rhino, the hippos and Nile crocodiles are abundant in the Mara River.

Visit the Amboseli National Park, a place of wild, dry plains where you can see zebra and impala, black rhino’s, herds of wildebeest, and one of the largest elephant populations in the country, including tusked bulls. You might even get to see cheetah. The most impressive views of Mt Kilimanjaro can be seen in Amboseli and there are areas of acacia forest that make it a great place for the bird spotters amongst you.

Meru National Park is immense with dry, open plains, strewn along its 13 rivers are doum palms, baobab trees and verdant vegetation. The views of the surrounding plains and wetlands below are stunning, enjoy them in an open 4×4 vehicle or on a nature walk escorted by well-informed guides. There is also the opportunity to go on fishing trips, take a night drive and go rafting on the Tana River.

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Accommodation varies from luxury safari tents and elegant villas to traditional colonial lodges, all including awe inspiring wildlife and surroundings and heavenly beaches. Kenya offers the ultimate destination for an African safari and the perfect place for a romantic few weeks, an exhilarating adventure, or a once in a lifetime holiday.

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