A truly authentic African safari is in demand by an increasing amount of discerning world travellers. What better way to get this than to rent your own private house in the middle of Zambia, very wild Africa? This travel trend is on the rise as more and more people want a quiet hideaway, family friendly spaces and an experience that really does reflect real life in Africa. It may be considered somewhat of a luxury especially but take a look at what you get and then you decide if it’s worth it!

  1. You are still in the African bush surrounded by the standard safari environment of wild animals and thick woodland, except this time you are in a quiet space all to yourself. Just you, your family and friends with no chance of the over friendly fellow traveller or hyperactive group.
  2. The freedom to set your own schedule is probably the biggest advantage, especially for families who may have other demands other than to wake up at dawn for the early morning safari.
  3. An African safari in a private safari house can be completely tailor made. You decide what you want to do – laze by the pool, sip cocktails as you watch the sun set or track wild animals? 
  4. Each house also comes with wildlife guides for game drives and walking safaris. These become a truly intimate and personal experience with Africa and its wild population of animals.
  5. These private safari houses seem more fitting as eco friendly safaris. Taking up less space and seeing much less yearly traffic than more commercial camps such hideaways are better for the Africa’s wild spaces. Also, more and more visitor activities are being built around school and health projects so that local communities can benefit as they should.
  6. These are stunning homes, for exclusive group rentals. Expect grand distinctive decor, buildings built from the finest natural materials that sit perfectly within the extensive African grounds. 
  7. Private safari houses are fully staffed and this can include beauty therapists, chefs, waiters, household help and babysitting services – perfect for families and those who really want the chance to switch off and not have to think about anything – not even the evening meal!
  8. Many of these private safari homes also come with modern day amenities like the internet, cable TV and phones – if you want them that is! Though the kids might think they want these mod cons, it’s more likely that tracking animals and fishing will be more entertaining once in a life time activities).

As the trend for more personal travel experiences rise, as world travellers become more and more eco aware and as the luxurious travel market expands (even in these economically bleak times) it’s a good time to jump on this bandwagon. There are six private safari houses in Zambia – Luangwa Safari House (South Luangwa), Robin’s House (South Luangwa), Tangala House (Livingstone), Chongwe River House (Lower Zambezi), and Shiwa Ng’andu (Northern Zambia).

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