Real Animal Encounters on an African Safari

When you embark upon an African safari, you know you’re going to have the opportunity to view an abundance of wildlife, from elephant and giraffe to lion and hyena. One of the advantages of taking a luxury safari today is that you can now get even closer to these animals. You can spend quality time with an elephant family, ride horseback along vast open plains, track gorillas and chimps and watch dozens of meerkats chatter away within less than a metre! All of this and you have many different option to view all of the big game including game drives, walking safaris, canoeing safaris, hot air balloon rides and quad biking safaris.

Below are just 3 animal experiences you can enjoy on an African safari:

Spending time with Chimps in the Mahale Mountains, Tanzania

The chance to spend time with our closest relatives doesn’t come often and when you take an African safari in Tanzania, you can track chimpanzees in what is an unforgettable adventure. In the Mahale Mountains lie the world’s largest population of chimps and whilst the scenery is beautiful, made up of rainforests, woodlands and bamboo, it is these weird and wonderful creatures that steal the show. You’ll take a hike with an expert guide to see chimpanzees going about their daily lives foraging for food, grooming one another and play fighting together. This is an amazing experience to take home from a safari holiday.

An Elephant Back Safari in Botswana

If you choose Botswana as your safari destination, you can indulge in some of the finest safaris in Africa. One of these safaris includes an elephant back safari and real encounters that allow you to get up and close to the gentle giants of Africa. Whether you’re young or old, an elephant back safari takes you on a memorable journey through the Okavango Delta or Chobe National Park to see the world from an elephant’s perspective. These activities allow you and your family to get up close to an elephant family by riding on the back of them, watching them play together, washing them and feeding them. These encounters bring a completely unique activity whilst on an African safari.

Meeting Gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda

Come face to face with a mountain gorilla on a Rwanda or Uganda safari. Witness these magnificent beasts with a guided trek into the rain forests and watch for hours as babies roll around and mothers stay watchful, all the while taking some amazing photographs for the holiday album!