If you go on safari in South Africa, you’ll probably agree that Cape Town possesses several of the finest beaches on earth.

They have beaches on the Indian Ocean, that have temperate water, and also beaches on the cooler Atlantic Ocean. The coasts are not very far from each other, so going back and forth is simple by rail or road.

The majority of the beaches that extend the surrounding coastline are extensive and have white sand. A number of the beaches such as Muizenberg have lifeguards, thus it’s safe to swim there.

Additional beaches, such as Boulders Beach, have an abundance of wildlife. African Penguins live on Boulders. Take heed, they tend to be quite malodorous, and they will bite if you get too near them, however do not allow that keep you from going in the water to go swimming with them. The penguins seem quite relaxed with human swimmers and are very content to live amicably with us. Really, is there another place that you can get an encounter like this?

Fish life and seals flourish, which consecutively makes the birds arrive. As you relax on the rear porch of the house you can regularly observe the more widespread birds such as Black-Backed Seagulls, Turns, and Cormorants, but most exhilaration takes place when the African Pelicans come to pay a visit. African Pelicans appear to enjoy visiting at dusk, hanging about for the night on the sand bank, only across the water

Other wildlife that you will love to observe on the water are the Egrets, Oyster Catchers, and Herons . Breathtaking wading birds, each having their own distinctiveness, that you could observe for the whole day, wading all around, to abruptly plunge its head and pluck the fish right out of the water and down the hatch!.

There are beaches with amenities, people and life, and beaches with nothing except the bird-life. It is your choice. Frequently you may come across beaches not too distant from the clamor and then discover not one person upon it, genuine “desert island” stuff.

Stunning scenery is additionally the standard for the beaches of Cape Town . Imagine the bay of Cape Town with it’s level-topped mountain in the backdrop. The entire bay is, actually, one extensive sandy beach, extending for miles around Table Bay.

When you’re considering taking a beach vacation, think about Cape Town – you won’t be dissatisfied.