Lately I received a couple of interesting emails, and thought I should share some of my answers on the matter! If it is a concern to some of you out there, it might indeed just be something worth mentioning!

In one of the mails in particular, a person stated he was looking for “THE BEST African safari destination/country, with both a friendly culture, reasonable prices, crystal clear water beaches, an interesting nightlife, and of course a country that is relatively safe to travel in”! That’s a lot of things to ask at once I know…

While there is no “perfect” destination with all of the above, there is certainly an ideal place that stands out in my mind!

If you’re looking for a combination of beaches and incredible animal wildlife, then I’d DEFINITELY consider Tanzania! Tanzania is by far my best pick!

Here’s why I think you should seriously consider it:

– It has a majestic mountain: Mt Kilimanjaro! The mountain’s name comes from the misuse of two Swahili words: Kilima (hill or little mountain), and Njaro (greatness, also used as white or shining). You can either climb it (if you’re a confirmed trekker), or just stare at it while taking amazing pictures with your family and friends!

– Stunning beaches: South Beach in Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar, Mafia Island (best for coral reefs), Pemba etc.

– THE BEST safari destinations: Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara, Tarangire, Ruaha, Selous (my pick if you enjoy boat safaris), Mikumi (nice especially if you’re looking for a national park not too far from Dar; approximately 2-3 hours drive).

– If you can’t do all of the above in one trip, go only for the Northern circuit (Serengeti, Ngorongoro crater…), and maybe spend some time in Zanzibar (recommended) or Mafia island.

– Dar es Salaam also has a very nice Yacht Club, and the Slipway is great if you’d like to eat pizza, or just wander around the waterfront!

– In terms of costs it is not the cheapest country, but you can most certainly find reasonable prices if you’re willing to camp (or don’t mind backpacking). There are also various companies that organize trips throughout Africa in huge trucks (overland trucks). Really cool if you’re young, and are looking for an experience like no other!;)

– People are very friendly in Tanzania, and the country is relatively safe. Of course, like in all major countries (and cities in particular), you need to keep an eye on your hand bag and personal belongings. Also make sure not to carry around expensive items when unnecessary!