There are many great and interesting sights and places to visit at any African Safari that can be enjoyed. Most African Safari holidays will include some of the more popular spots of interest.

Touching Base with the Masai

An interesting event at the African Safari is to meet up with the Masai tribe that has been living in the country for centuries. It is an experience to view their simple and nomadic lifestyle over the vast land of Africa in the midst of the wildlife and flora.

There are few places in the world where you can participate in such a unique lifestyle.

Serene Serengeti

The famous Serengeti River site is a renowned spot for its tranquillity. The Serengeti National Park lies in the vicinity, offering plenty of exotic game viewing throughout its 235 km route. That would probably take about 5 hours to view the vastness of the reserve.

Adventurous Ngorongoro

All visitors will be awed by the magnificent Ngorongoro Crater which is about 200 km in diameter. The journey is usually via Olduvai Gorge where visitors get a lovely view from the perched lodges on the crater’s jagged rim.

It gives a great overview of the game around that area from safe surroundings, as the volcano is now extinct. Hence, it serves as a rich habitat for the African Safari inhabitants like zebras, wildebeest, elephants, rhinos, buffaloes, lions and gazelles.

Great Migration

An interesting feature of these African Safari holidays is the opportunity to witness the world famous Great Migration of hundreds of species of birds and animals at certain parts of the year. The migration season happens annually and involves many of fauna found in these African Safari reserves.

Some species choose to make these reserves their permanent residence while others use the available facilities here as a stopover.

Safari Gorillas

A truly wild African Safari experience is at Kigali where tourists may get a glimpse of the huge residents: the safari gorillas. This safari resident blends very well with Rwanda’s thick and pristine landscape, visible at close viewing range. These are mountain gorillas which are protected by steep slopes that form the African Safari mountain range known as Virungas.

The area with its rich ecosystem of open grassland, swamplands and bamboo forests is home to the endangered gorilla species. Visitors will need to trek into the forest to spot these gentle giants going about playing, resting and feeding their young.

Experienced guides will lead visitors to the well conserved rain-forest where there is an abundance of rare golden monkeys and the chattering and chirping of varied species of colorful birds.