Going on African safari holidays is one of the best ways to enjoy nature’s magnificence and purity. Waking up to beautiful sunrises and sleeping under a clear, star studded sky with a deep silence of the jungles is quite an experience.

The Safari

Steeped in history and natural beauty, Africa is a land of legends and myths. The enticing wildlife and landscapes are very diverse and profound making this continent the most sought after safari destination.


Tanzania safari holidays are all about experiencing the extraordinary. This region is famous for the diverse cultures, topography, and of course the wildlife. Everyone knows about the Serengeti Plain. This area is known to have the world’s most diverse and greatest population of wildlife. Every year a huge variety of animals migrate to this place leaving an enthusiast a lot more to explore. Apart from this, there is the Great Rift Valley, the tree climbing lion and Ngorongoro crater’s majesty to see.

The beautiful Baobab trees in the Tarangire National Park are a spectacle to watch. Also, there is Mt. Meru which is known for its volcanic eruptions and the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro that is popular for providing challenging trekking and mountaineering.


Choosing Kenya for one’s African safari holidays is another exhaustive experience. The region has plenty to offer and it requires more than one visit to experience everything.

There is the Uhuru peak which is known to be the highest point of Africa and is very exciting to climb. However, one has to cough up some money before starting the trekking as the government charges a particular fee for each day spent in the region.

If one is looking for a completely undiluted taste of wild Africa, renting a bike and taking off to the mountains is a great idea. Along the way, one will witness some extraordinary topographical wonders and some rare wildlife species. It is also a very good way to do some bird watching.

Packing For African Safari Holidays

A safari is not like a normal vacation. It requires more preparation than usual. Here’s a list of some of the things one should carry:

* A Valid passport

* A few photocopies of the passport, to carry at all times.

* A Valid entry visa

* An identity proof apart from the passport.

* Credit card, Traveller’s cheque, and money Air tickets

* Travel Insurance

As far as the clothing goes, it’s important to carry the basic, comfortable stuff. It’s good to carry clothes made of cotton or linen with earthy colors like olive, beige, and brown. This is due to the fact that such clothing keeps the explorer cool and assists in merging with the surroundings. Evenings are normally pretty chilly hence it’s important to carry shirts or jackets with full sleeves. Apart from this, the traveler should take a sunscreen, hat, a pair of sunglasses, and an insect repellent.

Other things to carry on African safari holidays are medicines, and a first aid box. It is also a good idea to carry a camera to capture the beautiful wildlife and binoculars for a better view. Apart from this, one should also keep a water kit at all times, for a comfortable journey.