The African lion has been in the news during the past few years possibly for the wrong reasons. Considering the lion has been touted as an animal headed for possible extinction in the years to come, this news must horrify safari enthusiasts and animal lovers worldwide.

The African Lion – Will It Survive?

When talking about the king of the jungle and everything the lion represents, it’s hard to imagine from an outsiders perspective that this symbol of strength could even be considered as a species on the endangerment list. What could possibly be a threat to this magnificent beast… Well, the answer should have come to you quickly… man!

More to the point, progress, and as Africa continues to implement newer technologies in the areas of farming and infrastructure, more and more of the mighty African lion’s habitat is being whittled away. The result of this is both lion and man are brought into direct conflict and as the great animal’s habitat is being eroded, so is it’s natural food source which means it needs to look for alternatives.

These alternatives are the farming animals which graze the former territories of the lion. They are easy pickings for one of the world’s most ferocious and skilled hunters but with it comes the wrath of man, who naturally has to protect his own interests and livelihood; so it’s the lion who comes off second best. You can guess the resultant action!

Best African Lion Destinations On Safari

If you are planning an African safari, undoubtedly the highlight from an animal perspective is the African lion. To see this mighty creature in the flesh is one thing but to actually see it in action is another. You see, despite it’s hunting capabilities the lion is somewhat of a sleeper. Yes, they can “shut-eye” for up to twenty hours a day which can be a nightmare if you are hoping to capture the king in all his hunting glory!

As a photographer, some patience is obviously required but as a tourist an amateur camera person then given the obvious time constraints associated with group tours on safari then it becomes a little like “pot luck.”

There are many excellent destinations within Africa to see the lion. The two best destinations to see the lion in 2007?

– The Serengeti in Tanzania is our first choice. Why? The migration of the wildbeest during the last half of the year. The lions and many other predators lay in wait as their prime food source scampers across the countryside.

– Kenya’s Masai Mara is another African lion hotspot. Again the wildbeest migration is a strong reason while the open landscape is an ideal environment.

– South Africa has several options to see the lion including the magnificent Kruger National Park.

– Botswana has plenty to offer for safari enthusiasts but the presence of big cats such as the lion draws visitors here regularly. Check out Moremi Game Reserve in the Okavango Delta East… great African landscape and plenty of wildlife to go with it!

An African lion safari is a once in a lifetime experience for most. There are some excellent programs now in place to ensure the king of the beasts makes it to the next century. Now is a great time to head off on safari to see the lion in it’s own backyard!