Kenya is an African country largely blessed with a plethora of natural endowments, which has over the years made it a firm favorite of most western tourists. Situated in the extreme Eastern part of the continent, Kenya is cut across by the equator, and lies along the Great Rift Valley.

Naturally, this gives it a fairly temperate climate that makes it a particularly well-suited haven for a large number of wildlife. Indeed, Kenya is best known for its spectacular national parks and game reserves that are home to a wide and varied variety of wildlife species. Including the fabled big 5(Lion, elephant, rhinoceros, leopard and buffalo).

This nation also possesses an expansive coastal strip that is home to a number of popular towns and islands such as Mombasa, Lamu and Malindi. Which are all noted for their pristine and sandy beaches that are dotted with many hotels and resorts that offer world-class hospitality amenities.

On the other hand, Kenya is also highly reputed for its amicable population who go out of their way to make guests feel at home. Should you wish to visit this extraordinary nation, some of its top tourist destinations include:

Masai Mara National Reserve

This National park is home to a highly diversified wildlife, but it is particularly famous for its wildebeest and zebras. Who make a yearly migration across the river mara into Tanzania’s Serengeti Park. Many game-loving tourists flock to the Masai Mara from July to October to witness this phenomenal and mystifying occurrence that has been officially dubbed “the eighth wonder of the world.”

Amboseli National Park

This fairly diminutive reserve is also another must-visit destination for tourists that relish the African safari. Situated at a close proximity to the Tanzanian border, Amboseli is well-known as one of the few areas to glimpse at large herds of free ranging elephants. You can also catch an alluring look of Africa’s highest mountain, the Kilimanjaro.

Tsavo National Park

The Tsavo national park happens to be the biggest park in Kenya, and among one of the largest in the whole wide world. It is split into two sections; Tsavo East and Tsavo West, with the former characterized by a volcanic panorama, while the latter offers an extensive savannah plain.

Mombasa Island

Mombasa is one of the oldest coastal civilization in Africa, and boasts of diverse top tourist attractions. One of which being its old town, where you can seemingly be magically transported into Mombasa’s distinct Arab heritage.

Naturally, the architecture in this area bears testament to this rich tradition. You can acquire striking keepsakes and mementos of your trip to this extraordinary island from the numerous stores and stalls that line the old town.

Mombasa can also boast of pristine beaches, where many tourist hotel and resorts are situated. Besides this, this island is also home to Haller park, a reclaimed animal sanctuary that keeps a substantial number of wildlife.

Additionally, there is the Mombasa marine park, where you can view diverse species of marine life. Finally, the island’s nightlife is extremely active, with diverse world-class discoth√®ques, eateries(where you can sample the famous Swahili dishes) and pubs, for those that might be inclined to such pursuits.

Lamu Island

Lamu happens to be a largely unadulterated island and is most often deemed as one of Kenya’s best kept secrets. It has also largely retained its mystical air, over the several centuries it has been in existence. With clean, sandy beaches, Lamu is totally devoid of modern infrastructure, and in place of roads, navigation is through footpaths and alleyways or through boats. Donkey rides are also the norm, which gives this amazing island a thousand Arabian nights atmosphere.