1. Kenya

Kenya, Africa

Top safari destination with a lot of attractions to see. Masai Mara reserve is great during the migration of the wildbeest from Serengeti in the months of August to November every other year. Other national parks like Amboseli are also great for wildlife viewing in an African Safari

2. Tanzania

Tanzania, Africa

Tanzania is a country known for fun filled adventure. climbing the Kilimanjaro is great for the hikers while the island of Zanzibar is excellent for honeymoon safaris and sunbathing. The Ngorongoro crater area as well as the Serengeti make Tanzania top 2 in safari destinations to Africa.

3. Botswana

Botswana, Africa

Botswana is synomymous with wildlife. The huge number of elephants, the adventures at the Okavango Delta and other camping tours make it the most luxurious safari destination in Africa.

4. South Africa

South Africa, Africa

A variety of tour options in South Africa make it an area where everyone will get at least something of interest. The wildlife, golfing tours, city tours, big five safaris, Drakensberg mountains, Kalahari desert, all these appeal to variety. South Africa has the highest number of tourism arrivals compared to other safari destinations of Africa.

5. Uganda

Uganda is famous for gorilla safaris in Bwindi impenetrable forest. There is a variety of wildlife to watch in queen elizabeth, the murchison falls and also climbing the Rwenzori mountains. A visit to the Ssese Islands and cultural centres is also adventurous.

6. Rwanda

The mountain gorillas are perhaps the top attraction of Rwanda. Cultural tours and primate watching make it yet another hidden safari country in Africa.

7. Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe, Africa

Both wildlife safaris and Victoria Falls make it a great destination for safaris.

8. Namibia

Namibia, Africa

A visit to Etosha National Park is very important if you are to have a fun filled adventure in Namibia, of course not forgetting the Namib desert.

9. Malawi

Malawi, Africa

Malawi is almost dominated by the tranquil waters of Lake Malawi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with over than 300 miles. Malawi also has several other national parks to enjoy wildlife.

Africa still remains the top in the world when it comes to experiencing wildlife in its natural habitat. Find here the top safari destinations to watch for in the coming year.