Kenya is an East African country. It is one of the most popular safari destination in Africa due to its various attractions. For instance, the great wildebeest migration in the Masai Mara National Reserve and the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania are the new wonders of the world. This, therefore, makes the Masai Mara the most attractive tourist destination in the country. Mother Nature has favored this country with big game and vast wilderness thereby, attracting visitors from all parts of the world. There are various parks and game reserves located in different parts of the country where tourists can watch wild animals comfortably in their habitats. Your holiday in Kenya will give you an opportunity to see animals such as the elephant, the lion (king of the jungle), leopard, cheetah, black and white rhino, buffalo, zebra, antelope, monkey, chimpanzee, various bird species and many other animals.

For mountain climbers and hikers, Kenya is with no doubt the right place to be. Mount Kenya, which is the second highest mountain in Africa is the highest in the country. Even though it is very challenging for climbers to reach the highest peak, this mountain offers magnificent scenarios. Other places for mountain climbing include Mt. Longonot, the Shimba Hills and the Aberdare ranges. This country also boosts unique lakes most of which are situated in the Great Rift Valley. Thousands of pink flamingos in Lake Nakuru,a salty water lake makes the area a must visit for every tourist. Lake Bogoria, with its hot water springs is amazing especially since, you get to try boiling eggs in the hot water. Other lakes include Lakes Magadi, Turkana and Lake Victoria which is the biggest fresh water lake in Africa.

Kenya has forty-two tribes and each tribe has its own language, way of clothing, cuisine and culture. During your holiday here, make sure you tour some of the communities to explore their culture, traditions and their way of life. You can also learn this though their music, dance and folk tales at the big hotels where every tribe is given a chance to present its cultural values. You can also learn the cultures by visiting various other towns such as Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru and Kisumu.

The white sandy beaches along the Kenyan Coast are another attraction where you can spend your holidays. Regardless of whether you have a family, you will actually enjoy relaxing in the hot sun as you walk on the sand. You will also enjoy swimming as you get to watch the different fish species.

Kenya is famous in athletics and you therefore get a chance to see the origins of the world record holders. For those visitors who love playing golf the country has ideal places for golf all year-round.