When it comes to school tours, there is little doubt the subject that most often benefits from them is history. After all, most of these trips have an inherently educational purpose, which is best realised in that subject, due to the fact that most cities and towns have a plethora of monuments to gaze upon in order to understand a particular time period or event.

However, contrary to what might, at times, appear, history is far from holding the monopoly on school tours. Other subjects can just as easily benefit from the didactic perks this type of outing provides, with geography and science easily coming to mind.

In this regard, one of the destinations that will benefit these subjects the most is South Africa. Much like the rest of the African continent, this country – and its capital, Johannesburg – is less about historical heritage and more about stunning scenery and fascinating wildlife. As such, teachers looking for a suitable destination for wildlife focused school tours will undoubtedly appreciate what this country has to offer.

An Animal Lover’s Dream

Like many of the countries that border it, South Africa is a veritable paradise for lovers of wildlife, and exotic animals in particular. With its wide expanses of savannah and multiple natural parks and reserves to visit, this location will leave no animal aficionado any cause to complain. Similarly, students visiting this country are sure to welcome the chance to participate in a safari and get a close-up look at elephants, zebras, cheetahs and all the other ‘famous’ animals that inhabit the region.

What’s more, the country’s natural beauty is not confined to the savannah. On the contrary, South Africa offers a stunning array of landscapes, which go from the aforementioned savannah to mountain ranges, lakes, deserts and coastal locations. Students taking school tours to this country are therefore guaranteed to never be bored, whilst teachers will welcome the chance to talk about different habitats and ecosystems.

A Colourful Past

But while nature is South Africa’s main selling point, Johannesburg in particular also offers educators the opportunity to talk about the country’s past. Teachers of history or – for older students – political studies will appreciate the chance to broach subjects such as Apartheid, or Nelson Mandela’s role in the country’s development, all backed by several landmarks and places throughout the city.

South Africa is, therefore, the perfect destination for a wildlife focused itinerary – although it can provide fodder for discussion in other subjects as well.