The word safari is a Swahili word meaning journey. A wildlife safari is a destination or a park where you can view more than 500 animals walking freely in their natural habitat. Africa is a continent blessed with various wildlife species and a wide variety of Eco-systems ranging from landscapes, Rift Valley, forests, mountains, rivers, lakes, birds, insects, savanna grassland, semi arid areas and cultures from African people. In Kenya for example, Masai Mara National Park is the most famous park where you can view millions of wildebeest. It is in this park where you will be able to view the spectacular wildlife annual migration which involves millions of animals from different species.

The Kruger National Park in South Africa which is about 2 million hectares is the best wildlife attraction in Africa. Have your safari in Kruger park and adventure about 146 different mammal species. There are about 597 and 114 reptile species. This also includes about 336 tree and 34 amphibians species. As you enjoy game viewing, you will be accompanied by experienced tour guides will explain everything for you regarding the park and all it’s natural beauty. Masorini and Thulamela are archaeological sites which are well preserved and, they represent cultures, people and events regarding Kruger park.

Mgahinga Gorilla National park and Bwindi Impenetrable National park in Uganda is famous in gorilla tracking. This two sites is the natural habitat of more than half of worlds gorilla population. It’s well protected and covered by rain forest. Rwanda and Congo is also famous in gorilla tracking. A safari to the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania which involves millions of wildlife migration will leave you with unforgettable memories. Don’t miss the hot air balloon flight where you will be able to view all the animals as you take your photos. It’s in Africa where you will be able to spot the big five.

Wildlife safari in Kenya will include touring Lake Nakuru. There are millions of pink flamingo birds to watch in this salt water lake. A part from wildlife, you will not miss a visit to the calm blue waters of the Indian Ocean as you walk along the white sand beaches along the coast and Zanzibar. Here you will relax under the hot sun or enjoy yourself in various beach sports. MT.Kilimanjaro and MT. Kenya climbing and hiking will be a good experience especially after climbing the highest peak in Africa. This is a golden chance to enjoy the African delicious food served in the best luxurious lodges, camps and hotels. Accommodation is excellent with a lot of privacy.